This is a time when community is more important than ever, and we can’t help but feel grateful for the dedication of our 360 plant employees to help feed our community in this time of need. It is through their hard work that we are able to continue our manufacturing operations, making the highest quality, handcrafted sausage.

We remain committed to the highest health and safety standards for our employees, business partners and community and for this reason that we have implemented the following:

Our products will continue to be available at grocery stores and other retail locations with the assurance that great safety, care, and outstanding quality has gone into their making.

To receive updates on Klement’s Sausage operations, please visit klements.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For any questions about the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit cdc.gov.

To see more about Klement's commitment to keep serving the community during the Covid-19 outbreak, click here.

How we
are Made
Right Here

Our Master Sausage Makers craft everything by hand in small batches using the original Klement Family Recipes. Tried and True, Klement’s has been Made Right Here for over sixty years with passion and patience every step of the way. Today our Master Sausage Makers are carrying on the Klement family legacy by making the sausage the right way, right here in the heart of sausage country.

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What is a master sausage maker

There are people who make sausage, and then there are the people of Klement’s, true masters of the craft. With their knowledge and expertise, they take an old-world approach to making sausage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It takes years of dedication to earn the title of Klement’s Master Sausage Maker.

From recipe to packaging, our master sausage makers select the best local ingredients to ensure our customers get the freshest and tastiest specialty meats and snack we make. It’s about consistency customers can count on and delivering the best quality time after time.

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