This is a time when community is more important than ever, and we can’t help but feel grateful for the dedication of our 360 plant employees to help feed our community in this time of need. It is through their hard work that we are able to continue our manufacturing operations, making the highest quality, handcrafted sausage.

We remain committed to the highest health and safety standards for our employees, business partners and community and for this reason that we have implemented the following:

Our products will continue to be available at grocery stores and other retail locations with the assurance that great safety, care, and outstanding quality has gone into their making.

To receive updates on Klement’s Sausage operations, please visit klements.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For any questions about the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit cdc.gov.

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Klement’s is always looking to improve the experience of our customers and community members. Please see the list below for frequently asked questions and answers. If your question is not found on this list, please contact us for more information.

Allergen Information

What Klement’s products contain Milk, Wheat, Soy, Peanuts, Tree Nuts and/or Eggs?

Click here for a complete list of product allergens.

Product Information

Are Klement’s products gluten free?

All of our products are indeed gluten free, with the exception of the Klement’s Beer Bratwurst (1lb & 2.5lb).

Are your products Nut/Peanut Free?

Our facility is not completely “nut free”. However, we do not produce any products that contain nuts/peanuts. Employees are not prohibited from bringing nuts into the facility. Each employee goes through a sanitation process prior to entering the production floor.

Do Klement’s products contain MSG?

No! All of our Klement’s products are MSG Free. Klement’s takes great pride in only using the highest quality ingredients in our product. We do not add MSG to enhance the flavor of our products.

Where can I find the nutritional information on Klement’s products?

Klement’s nutritional information can be found on the individual Products Page of the website. Nutritional information includes the nutritional fact panel and ingredients.

Is your Summer Sausage casing edible?

No! It is a paper-based colored casing and should be peeled from the sausage before eating.

Is there pork in the Snack Stick casings?

No! The casing on the Snack Sticks is made of beef collagen only.

Once I open my Summer Sausage/Snack Stick how long is it good for?

These products are considered shelf-stable in the package. However, once the package is opened, we recommend consuming within 7 days for best quality and food safety. 

Can you freeze summer sausage?

YES! Summer sausage can be frozen. The best method for freezing is in the intact package. However, if you want to cut into slices or chunks, it is recommended to wrap in plastic wrap as airtight as possible and freeze quickly. This will help preserve the color & texture of the sausage. When ready to consume, thaw overnight in the refrigerator. There may be some color & texture differences depending on how long the product was frozen.

General Information

Klement’s Outlet Store

The Klement’s Outlet Store will be permanently closing on April 27, 2023.

Do you donate product for fundraising and non profit organizations?

Each year, Klement’s Sausage company provides thousands of promotional items and products to assist non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations with their fundraising efforts. To request a donation for your organization, please send an email to marketing@klements.com with the following information:

  • Identify the non profit involved
  • What is the fundraising cause?
  • Who is the contact with address, phone number and email address?
  • Date of event
  • What are you looking for in the donation?
  • How many people are involved?
  • How are you offering to promote Klement’s?

Donations should be requested a minimum of 35 days prior to the event.




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